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World Day of Hope

This March 27, we celebrate again the “World Day of Hope”. #27M is an initiative of the Institute of Global Dialogue and Encounter Culture (IDGCE), the Latin American Episcopal Council (Celam) and the Dicastery for Communication of the Holy See, together with the Ecclesial Conference of the Amazon (Ceama), the Latin American and Caribbean Confederation of Religious Women and Men (CLAR), the Inter-American Confederation of Catholic Education (CIEC), the Pan-Amazon Ecclesial Network (Repam) and Cáritas Latin America and the Caribbean. The date is inspired by the historic Statio Orbis homily of Pope Francis delivered that day in 2020 in St. Peter's Square. Like every year, this World Day of Hope reminds us of that watershed event in the history of humanity in general and Christian and ecumenical religiosity in particular; reinterprets and renews with special proposals and initiatives the reflection on that hope that we need so much. The reflections seek to keep alive the memory that we are all in the same boat as a human family, that hope is active, and to project that legacy towards a future with hope.

During these four years, the world has moved and emerged from the pandemic to be crossed by war conflicts, millions of refugees, the worsening of the consequences of the neglect of the Common Home, especially in the Amazon region and growing problems of inequality, social injustice and hopelessness in the face of what some call a “tired peace.”

This March 27, 2024 finds us, going through the dystopian processes of past years and confronting new and painful wars like the one in the Middle East. It would seem that the values ​​of the agreements towards a possible peace, the calls towards a supportive and inclusive humanity and the urgent warnings of planetary collapses have fallen into disuse or are silenced.

However, it is today that the The concept of hope takes on even greater relevance. Hope, a theological virtue for those who have faith, is, above all, an active and intentional attitude towards life that allows us to think about a possible future for all. With the conviction that we are all necessary, all voices are important and that together we can go on a transformative journey towards a future for all, the 2024 campaign collects testimonies from people from different parts of the world who give us hope every day and invite us to think of ourselves as agents of hope. What is hope for you today? is the question that we invite all those who wish to join this campaign that is developed on social networks under the hashtags #27Mesperanza to answer; #27Mesperança; #27Mhope; #27Mespérance and is accompanied by an annual program of activities.

To participate in the campaign, you can also visit the site www. diamundialdelaesperanza.org. For more information, contact catedra@encuentromundi.org

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