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About us

Caritas Latin America and the Caribbean is a network made up of 22 national Caritas organizations, whose mission is to encourage and coordinate the organized charitable work of the Church, which walks synodically, promoting fraternity. As Pope Francis says, "Caritas is an essential part of the Church, because a Church without charity does not exist. Caritas is the Church's institution of love"

We form and work in communion with Caritas Internationalis, a global confederation with more than 160 national members and the second largest humanitarian organization in the world. We have a sincere commitment to fighting the injustices that lead to poverty and the exclusion of the most marginalized and vulnerable people.

We focus on promoting human development, building peace and economic justice, care for the common household, and responding to some of the continent's largest and most complex emergency relief operations.

As a region we propose

  • To live the identity and spirituality of Caritas LAC’s social care in communion with the Church, strengthening the social dimension of evangelization in regional communion and local relevance.
  • Strengthen collaborative listening, animation, reflection, articulation and advocacy, enhancing humanitarian work, human development and peace building.
  • Support the institutional strengthening process of the National Caritas organiations, promoting their organizational development and sustainability.

Caritas LAC works through strategic alliances and cooperation with various church agencies, institutions and civil society organizations, social partners and governments to promote social and environmental justice through inclusion, integration, holistic human development and humanitarian response.

Regional Structure

Gustavo Rodríguez Vega

Presiding Bishop

Yucatán, México


Nicolás Meyer

Regional Coordinator

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Regional Coordinator (CORE)
Agustina Langwagen Director Cáritas Uruguaya Southern Cone Coordinator direccion@caritasuruguaya.org.uy
Janeth Márquezr Director Cáritas Venezuela Coordinator Zona Bolivariana janethmar0107@gmail.com
Wilfredo Cervantes Director Cáritas Honduras Coordinator Zona Camex wcervantes@caritas.hn
P. Enrique Camacho Director Cáritas Puerto Rico Coordinator Zona Caribe pcamacho@caritas.pr
Regional Secretariat Team
Roxana Durán Coordinator Administrativa Costa Rica rduran@caritaslatinoamerica.org
Ana Mercedes Arias Institutional Development Coordinator Colombia amarias@caritaslatinoamerica.org
Alberto Arciniega Communications Coordinator México aarciniega@caritaslatinoamerica.org
Marcus Tullius Communications Manager Brasil mneto@caritaslatinoamerica.org
José Oscar Henao Monje Knowledge Management Coordinator Colombia johenaom@caritaslatinoamerica.org

Our Locations

Caritas has a worldwide presence, Latin America and the Caribbean has 22 member organizations. We are organized in four regions: Zona Camex, Zona Caribe, Zona Bolivariana, Zona Cono Sur.

  • Camex: Costa Rica; El Salvador; Guatemala; Honduras; Mexico; Nicaragua; Panama
  • Caribe: Antilles; Cuba; Haiti; Puerto Rico; Dominican Republic
  • Bolivariana: Bolivia; Colombia; Ecuador; Peru; Venezuela
  • Cono Sur: Argentina; Brazil; Chile; Paraguay; Uruguay

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