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A year has passed since the earthquake that shook Türkiye and Syria

Today, February 6, we commemorate the first anniversary of the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake that shook the lands of Turkey and Syria. During this year, the communities together with Cáritas have faced challenges, overcomings and, above all, have demonstrated remarkable solidarity.

From the epicenter of the tragedy, Cáritas has played a crucial role in the reconstruction, which It goes beyond restoring structures; it's about rebuilding community spirit. The scars in the land are evident, but so are the acts of kindness and bravery that have marked this period. Entire communities have worked tirelessly not only to rebuild their homes, but also to restore hope and confidence in the future.

The humanitarian response has been a beacon of light in the midst of darkness; Caritas, together with volunteers, has provided essential support to those who lost so much on that terrible day. Solidarity between peoples has shown that, in the face of adversity, humanity can come together to heal and rebuild. The Caritas of Latin America and the Caribbean joined together in solidarity, sending financial resources and offering prayers for the victims of this earthquake.

This anniversary is not only a reminder of the tragedy, but also a testimony of the strength humanity, compassion and determination to build a more promising tomorrow. In memory of those who left, in honor of the survivors and with the firm belief that solidarity will continue to guide us in the continued reconstruction. Cáritas, with the help of Christ, will continue to accompany this process.

Photo: Caritas Internationalis

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