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Haiti 15-03-2024

All with Haiti

In these difficult times, the people of Haiti face a deeply painful situation. The social and humanitarian crisis has reached a critical point in recent weeks, leaving millions of people in conditions of extreme vulnerability. It is time to show ourselves close and in solidarity with those who suffer.

In this season of Lent, the suffering of Christ is present in every Haitian who fights to survive. It is in the children who need help, in the displaced, in those living in extreme poverty and in those who have lost loved ones to violence. It is an urgent call to compassion and action.

On March 22, the day of "Friday of Sorrows", we want to dedicate a day of prayer for the people of Haiti . In communities of faith and solidarity, we will raise our prayers for peace, justice and hope in the midst of suffering. Furthermore, we invite you to make concrete gestures of support and awareness, so that the voice of the Haitian people is heard and heeded.

United in prayer and action, we trust in divine mercy and the strength of solidarity to accompany and support the people of Haiti in these difficult times. Everyone with Haiti.

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