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Haiti 02-04-2024

Haiti in permanent humanitarian crisis for decades

In the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area, security is practically non-existent, with looting, vandalism and fires threatening at every turn. The risk of kidnapping is constant, while shortages of fuel, clean water and essential medicines further aggravate the crisis. More than 33,000 people have fled the capital seeking refuge in the provinces, facing even greater vulnerability.

Cáritas Haiti's response is brave and determined. Despite the difficult circumstances, actions are being carried out to support displaced families. More than 500 foster homes have been identified in local parishes, where each family fights to survive in the midst of adversity. At the national level, Caritas Haiti is strengthening its exchanges with international organizations, seeking collaborations and resources to face the humanitarian emergency.

The Conference of Catholic Bishops of Haiti has also raised its voice in solidarity with the people, demanding the end of violence and destruction. His message is clear: Haiti needs an inclusive patriotic agreement that brings peace and well-being to the entire nation. In these dark times, hope persists, fueled by the courage and solidarity of those who remain steadfast in their commitment to the most vulnerable.

The food situation in Haiti is especially worrying, with almost half of the population facing levels of acute food insecurity, according to the latest report from the National Food Security Coordination. Lack of access to basic foodstuffs is exacerbating the suffering of Haitian families, many of whom were already struggling with malnutrition and extreme poverty before the current crisis. In the midst of this bleak panorama, the work of Cáritas takes on an even more crucial meaning. With their commitment and solidarity, they are providing help and hope to those who need it most, demonstrating the transformative power of love and compassion in the midst of adversity.

It is essential that the international community intensify its efforts to support to Haiti at this critical moment. Solidarity and collaboration are essential to address humanitarian challenges and rebuild a more just and prosperous future for the Haitian people. At Cáritas, we remain committed to our mission of accompanying the most vulnerable and working for a world where everyone can live with dignity and hope.

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